Meet axle ai

Smart AI for
instant video intelligence...
Video search is now a no-brainer!

Supercomputer smarts for every creative team

Advanced AI Tagging

AI-driven deep analysis and learning for all of your video assets. Make all your footage smart - automatically!

Search Visually

Drag a marquee around an object and instantly find similar objects across all of your assets - even if partially hidden in the frame.

It's Radically Simple

All this powerful technology is delivered by axle - easy, powerful production workflow tools for every size creative team.


Radically simple to use

axle ai Visual Search example

Just drag a marquee inside the video frame to launch a powerful, library-wide visual search. Every result is returned with timecode reference - just click to go straight to the result you want to explore.

01. Ingest Assets

Everyone can use axle ai - with any modern browser or device. Whether your team is a few users or hundreds in different locations - they can all upload files from the field, on the go, anywhere to kick off the AI analysis on your axle server.

02. Automatic Analysis

The AI engine immediately analyzes video assets frame by frame, tapping an ever-growing suite of learning algorithms. Objects and scenes are recognized, tagged and keyed to the video timeline automatically - and the AI never gets tired.

03. Get Creating Faster

When adding meaningful metadata is automatic, you can be more productive, faster - and focus on the creative process. Find every instance of a logo or an object across your entire library, then instantly zoom to just the sections of clips that matter. No more sifting, scrubbing and waiting.

Built on axle 2017

axle Video's core product, axle 2017, is the latest version of code that's been in production for over five years and is installed at hundreds of organizations worldwide.

axle 2017 indexes your media storage, generates small proxy versions of your media, and lets you browse, tag, and search your media from any web browser on the network. But that's just the start. Learn more at

axle ai Machine Learning Modules

axle ai builds on the core axle 2017 functionality by integrating an expanding platform of machine-learning modules. The first modules included with axle ai are:

  • axle Visual Search: Intuitive visual search makes finding every other instance of an object as easy as dragging a marquee and hitting 'search'. Every video clip that matches is presented, automatically keyed to relevant timeline section - saving you hours of pain-staking manual search.
  • axle ai Tagging: Automatic video analysis on ingest and proxy generating uses sophisticated AI technology to instantly find and tag objects in the frame, all keyed to your timeline code. Now your whole asset library is keyword searchable with powerful context matching.

Brand Recognition example

Even from an angle, the car is recognized as a 'Saab' - in addition to 'asphalt', 'street' and more. This not only gives you brand awareness across all of your assets - but is now valuable for context searches - this exact timeline marker will be found for 'Saab' and 'street' searches.

Complex Recognition example

Complex images with thousands of objects are easily analyzed with a wide range of applicable tags - not just 'crowd' but 'festival' and 'tourist destination' keywords as well.

See axle ai for yourself:

What Our Customers Say

Axle was the first to build tools for production management ease-of-use - and integrating sophisticated image search and analysis tools is only the latest innovation. But don't just take our word for it:


"We were impressed with how quickly and simply axle could be set up and implemented into the workflow for our school... we began using it almost immediately."

Craig Reed, Berklee College of Music


Why is it called axle ai?

The 'ai' is for artificial intelligence - and axle is adding powerful learning algorithms and intelligence to work for every creative team.

How can 'artificial intelligence' help video asset management and production?

As media libraries grow - and the pace of new projects and number of assets goes up - making sure that assets are inspected and tagged properly can become overwhelming to your creative team - and even for your asset management servers. axle ai harnesses cloud-delivered AI bodies of knowledge that are ever growing, and gaining new capabilities. With an automatically invoked engine analyzing, tagging and timeline coding your assets, you can focus on creative tasks.

When is axle ai available?

axle ai is available now. We're happy to schedule a demo for you immediately so that you can see it in action and cover any questions you might have and see if it's a fit for you. If you're going to IBC 2017 be sure to see us there in Hall 7, Stand F04.

What is the pricing for axle ai?

Pricing for axle ai starts at $4,995 which includes axle ai software, AI hardware, and the ability to search against 2,000 hours of video footage. Be sure to check with the axle team to size your workflow servers and storage - we're happy to consult anytime.

Grab your demo slot to see axle ai in action:


About Us

axle Video, with headquarters in Boston, Massachussetts, has been providing radically simple media management since 2012.

axle's production management tools are scalable from a few creatives working together - to larger distributed teams managing millions of assets - all delivered with simple server and storage integration.

You can learn more about our company and our core product, axle 2017, at